The short answer is: YES it most definitely should! 

Here at Sciacca, we serve the best steak in Malta by using prime or premium cuts of lean beef which help maintain a healthy diet. 

Beef Provides a Variety of Vitamins and Nutrients

Beef is a healthy option when dining at Sciacca due to the iron, protein, and vitamin B-12 levels found in each cut of meat. Protein is an important nutrient found throughout the body and the amino acids in protein-rich food help to promote strong, healthy muscles. Lean cuts of beef are a healthy option and can supply about 50% of your daily protein needs in one serving while staying low in fat and calorie counts. The fillet is a favourite among guests and perfect for those looking to stay in shape and need protein in their diets to gain and maintain healthy muscles. 

Iron plays a vital role in body circulation, it enables you to produce healthy red blood cells that in turn transport oxygen throughout your body; one serving of lean beef can supply you with 14% of your daily iron needs.  

Vitamin B-12 is essential for proper bodily function, one primary function is helping to turn your food into energy to fuel your body. This is essential for everyone, a deficiency in vitamin B-12 can lead to problems with the brain and nervous system. One serving of lean beef can provide you with 37% of your daily vitamin B-12 needs.  

Another key nutrient in beef is zinc. Adequate amounts of zinc are needed in your daily diet because it supports your immune system and contributes to injury healing. A portion of lean beef supplies 39% of the zinc you need to consume each day.  

Eating steak is an excellent way to maintain a healthy, balanced diet while still eating the foods you love. Head to the best steakhouse and grill in Malta – Sciacca Grill Valletta.  To learn more about our steak options along with where our steaks come from, or to make a reservation.

Contact us to book your table today. 

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