If you want to enjoy a juicy steak or a piece of beef without the calories, there’s a large variety of low-fat cuts available-and when they’re cooked right, they contain all the flavour sans the fat! So if you’re looking to cut down on calories, or simply just love meat with low fat content, here are the best lean meat options available at Sciacca Grill!


This is a cut of beef that provides wonderful flavour without the fat content! It’s a very tender and lean cut. A quality piece of fillet offers rich flavours, even when cooked rare and so, can be served with a simple sauce or just some seasoning.


Skirt steak is an extraordinarily flavoursome cut of beef that unfortunately doesn’t get as much attention as sirloin or rump as it’s more difficult to cook. Timing is everything with this steak. If it’s overcooked, even slightly, it becomes incredibly tough.


Silverside is another cut of beef that delivered delicious flavour when cooked right. It’s the hind quarter of the cow and so, there’s very little far content but despite this, it’s very flavoursome. It’s often used as roasts, thinly sliced and served with a sauce.


A thinly sliced and carefully chosen rump steak accompanied with an Asian inspired sauce is also very lean. Rump is extremely tasty and when the fat is trimmed and a strong flavoured marinade/sauce is used, can deliver a dining experience.


Although this often comes with a layer of fat, the meat itself is very lean. If you remove the fat and use a marinade to enhance flavour, you’re presented with yet another beef cut that delivers health and flavour.

If you’re after a piece of beef that contains all the flavour without the fatty side effects, visit Sciacca Grill in Valletta or St Julian’s and ask for one of the above pieces of meat. Our staff are always ready to cater to your dietary needs and taste preferences!

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