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Business Lunch at Sciacca Valletta

Discover the benefits of a business lunch and explore Sciacca Grill Valletta’s diverse lunch menu. Fuel your body and mind with healthy and delicious options while building relationships in a relaxed atmosphere.

Sciacca Burger
Business Lunch at Sciacca Grill

Create a Relaxed Atmosphere for Success

Business lunches are more than just a break from the office routine; they are crucial in building relationships and fostering collaboration. By sitting down and sharing a meal, colleagues and business partners can engage in meaningful conversations, establish rapport, and get to know each other personally. This relaxed setting helps create a peaceful and enjoyable work environment, leading to more productive and successful business relationships.

Prioritize Your Health and Well-being

Business lunches are not just about sealing deals or networking; they also contribute to our health and well-being. Skipping meals or relying on fast food can negatively impact productivity, energy levels, and overall health. Opting for a healthy and nourishing meal during a business lunch can improve mental and physical well-being, enabling you to perform better and achieve more. Sciacca Grill Valletta understands the importance of choosing the right venue for your business lunch, offering a diverse lunch menu with options that cater to different tastes and dietary requirements.

Explore Sciacca Grill Valletta’s Lunch Menu

At Sciacca Grill Valletta, we believe in diversity and healthy eating for business lunches. Our lunch menu offers a variety of options to suit your preferences.

Duck Salad – A Flavour-Packed, Filling and Healthy DIsh.

Indulge in our Duck Salad, a perfect example of how healthy food can also be delicious. This dish features Duck leg confit, couscous, pomegranate, cucumber pomegranate molasses, and Tahini Dressing, creating a flavour-packed, filling, and healthy option.

Beef Salad – A Delicious and Healthy Meal

Our Beef Salad is an excellent choice for those looking for a flavorful salad. It combines mixed lettuce, cherry tomatoes, onions, asparagus, and honey mustard salad dressing to create a delicious and healthy meal with essential nutrients.

Paccheri Aged Beef Ragu & Pistachio – A Satisfying Pasta Option

We recommend our Paccheri Aged Beef Ragu & Pistachio for pasta lovers. This hearty dish features slow-cooked aged beef ragu sauce with a touch of pistachio, served with “al dente” cooked pasta and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese.


Parsnip and Chevre Risotto – Creamy and Comforting

Our Parsnip and Chevre Risotto are excellent if you enjoy risotto. This creamy and comforting dish combines parsnip, chevre cheese, and fresh herbs to deliver a satisfying and flavorful vegetarian option.

Parsnip and Chevre Risotto

Sciacca Burger – Indulge in a Juicy and Flavorful Burger

Satisfy your burger cravings with our Sciacca Burger, a must-try for burger enthusiasts. This juicy 250-gram beef patty is complemented by pancetta, onion chutney, mature cheddar, fried onions, and gherkins; all served with a side of fries for a filling and satisfying meal.

Sciacca Burger

24-hour Smoked Short Ribs – A Tender and Flavorful Delight

Our Smoked (24-hour smoked Short Rib) is a must-try for those who love smoked meats. This dish features tender short ribs cooked to perfection, accompanied by a homemade sweet and tangy BBQ sauce and pickled cucumber.

Grilled Baby Chicken

If you prefer chicken, our Grilled Baby Chicken is an excellent choice. This dish combines grilled chicken with corn on the cob, pickled fennel, and chimichurri sauce, offering a flavorful and healthy option.

Vegetarian Options – Catering to Different Dietary Preferences

At Sciacca Grill Valletta, we also offer vegetarian options for those with different dietary preferences. Our Buratta salad, Baked wild mushrooms, and goat cheese mousse from our regular menu are excellent choices. Feel free to ask our servers for more options.

Lunch at Sciacca Grill

Appreciating the History and Importance of Lunch

Lunch is an important meal often overlooked in our fast-paced lives. It serves as a time to recharge and refuel for the rest of the day. Lunch customs vary worldwide, reflecting unique traditions and foods in different countries and cultures. It’s a meal that provides essential nutrients and energy for the body and brain. Embracing diversity during lunch, both in food choices and companionship, can be a fantastic way to learn about and appreciate other traditions and customs.


Discover the benefits of a business lunch at Sciacca Grill Valletta. Enhance productivity, build relationships in a relaxed atmosphere, and enjoy a delicious meal from our diverse lunch menu.

Book your lunch reservation now and experience the perfect blend of work and gastronomic pleasure at Sciacca Grill Valletta.

Bon appétit!

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