Cooking a prime-looking and at the same time tasty steak is an art. Many world famous chefs have been quoted declaring this. Over the years they have divulged their secrets for cooking a delicious steak to perfection. So, grab your writing pad, note down the tips below and get ready to impress your friends with your next steak!

Cook steak in a pan or on a grill

The way a steak is cooked translates heavily into the final taste. If you are cooking a thin steak, then using a pan or grill would be ideal. On the other hand, when cooking a thick steak, you would be better suited grilling the meat first and then using the oven to finish it off. When grilling on a pan, be careful not to overload as this will lead to the surface of the meat being under-cooked.  For optimal taste and flavour, chefs recommend serving the steak medium rare or medium.

Preparing the meat and cooking it

Some chefs advocate that steaks should be put on the stove immediately and cooked from cold. A common mistake is that people let the meat warm up to room temperature before grilling commences. By cooking the steak from cold, home cooks will be ensuring that professional touch as the surface is cooked appropriately. Another thing to keep in mind is the temperature of the pan or grill. Ideally, steaks should be introduced on white hot cooking surfaces and then let to rest after the initial 4 minutes of cooking on each side. 

Giving steak extra flavour

After cooking the fresh, cold steak on a white hot pan or grill for 8 minutes in total (4 minutes on each side), let the steak rest (cool) at room temperature for 5 minutes. Then return the meat to the same pan for another 3 minutes while adding seasoning of your choosing. This not only gives your home-cooked steak added flavour but it will also give it a nice brown colour on the surface. 

Bonus Tip:

The biggest error a home cook can do is cut the steak immediately after it has finished cooking. A resting period of anywhere between 10 to 45 minutes is essential for the flavour to be fully appreciated. The steak will also retain its natural juices which are extracted if the meat is cut too early. 

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