As the days get shorter and cooler, we all tend to spend more time indoors, in a cozy, comfortable place. Here are our four recommendations to fight the cold and keep you and your beloved comfortable and warm.

You can never go wrong with a Sunday Roast

Nothing says it’s Sunday like a roast dinner. A twist on a family classic, chicken or beef roast, accompanied with golden crispy-crusted potatoes and topped with a delightful mushroom or bread and onion gravy, will burst with flavor and lead to a sublime end of the week for any meat-lover.

Pan-fried Rabbit liver with chestnut mushrooms

Rabbit dishes hold a special place along the Mediterranean cultures and particularly among the Maltese and Gozitan people. Liver, not only comprises a complete meal and a potent source of vitamins but also tastes delicious. Slowly and carefully fried with olive oil, cooked with chestnut mushrooms and garlic, it is a simple but succulent choice for the most elegant and refined palates.

Grilled lamb belly on a bed of Israel couscous

No introduction necessary. Slow grilled on a Mibrasa oven, lamb belly over a bed of couscous will bring you the delicate taste of Asia. Juicy and delicious, this is one of our most demanded dishes, perfect, delicious comfort food for when the cold spell hits.

Crab: a desirable alternative Apart from the finest meat cuts, we also bring you the freshest fish and seafood in Malta. For those who opt for something different and special, a crab dish may be suggested. Boiled in salted water and accompanied with a dash of mayonnaise, cocktail sauce or simply lemon juice, its tender flesh, and intense flavor, will delight your senses.

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