From our unique display to making the perfect ribeye steak, our team at Sciacca Grill join us again to share what they believe makes their establishment stand out from other restaurants in Malta.

1. How much of what’s on the display is locally sourced?

Noel Zammit, the man behind the concept of displaying meats at Sciacca Grill, has a true affinity for local food and culture. Other than displaying the highest-quality imported produce, we are proud to display local products, which we believe is one of the main factors that make Sciacca Grill stand out from the plethora of restaurants in Malta.  

As we source high-quality pork, meat and fish daily from the local market, everything is fresh. We produce a variety of sausages in house using local pork, which is characteristically juicy and tender. Our fish display, which varies according to the local fish season, boasts a variety of local seafood; namely prawns, calamari, razor clams, scallops, and the wild catch of the day. The lobster tank holds our local, sweet-flavoured lobsters ‘Awwist’ and ‘Xkall’, which are highly regarded by tourists as the best lobster in Europe.

2. What are the advantages of displaying food rather than using menus?

Our honest approach in showing the display with all different cuts of meat, fish and seafood is the main thing that sets us apart and has helped build up a great reputation among our diners. The customer enjoys the benefit of seeing everything with their own eyes when ordering, while knowing for certain that the food is fresh.  Once the customer chooses the meat of their liking, we then weigh it to determine its price.

3. Speaking of meat, what’s the secret behind preparing the perfect ribeye steak?

The secret to the perfect ribeye steak lies in buying great-quality, well-selected cuts of meat, which have to be smooth without any ragged edges or uneven sections. The steak is best left at room temperature before cooking, as this allows it to come to an even temperature all at once. Having a high-temperature grill ensures that all the juices inside the steak are sealed.  Adding a healthy dose of smoked salt seasoning will help too.

Another crucial stage of cooking the perfect steak is ‘resting’ the meat, which when done during the cooking period, helps it to soften the so called “cooking stress tissue” and drains unwanted water content.

Whether it is fresh fish or a perfectly-cooked steak your heart desires, you’ll find it at Sciacca Grill – one of the best restaurants in Malta

If you’re looking for restaurants in Malta where freshness and quality are guaranteed, look no further than Sciacca Grill. Make your reservation now at our St. Julian’s or Valletta establishment to taste fresh, mouth-watering goodness and be sure to follow us on Facebook for updates! And, if you missed them, don’t forget to check out Part 1 and 2 of our Sciacca Q&A.

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