In part 3 of our Q&A with the kitchen maestros at Sciacca Grill, we discussed what our guests can find on our daily display, what makes the perfect ribeye steak and our affinity for local food and culture. Enjoy the final helping of this series, brought to you by the team at Sciacca Grill, one of the most celebrated restaurants in Malta!

1. What are the perfect pairings or sides for a freshly-cooked steak? 

Our customers are welcome to choose from a selection of side servings, which include roast potatoes, grilled vegetables, fries and salad. We are also happy to accommodate any special dietary requests, such as gluten-free and nut free options; even though we are ostensibly a steakhouse, we strive to offer all options to all of our customers.  We also offer Halal-certified meats.

2. Rare, medium or well-done: what’s the correct degree of “doneness” for a steak, and why?

The correct degree of doneness all depends on the cut of the meat and on the personal preference of the customer. Our job is not only to please our clients, but also to suggest the best way meat should be prepared.

3. Could you give a few examples?

Of course! Fillets should range from blue to a maximum degree of medium, whereas Picanha cuts should be cooked to medium or medium rare. Ribeye steaks can be cooked from blue to medium; we do not recommend a higher degree than the latter, however, we always leave it up to the guests to decide for themselves. 

As for sirloin steaks, they can be cooked from rare to medium degrees; veal should be served medium, and lamb racks from medium rare to a maximum degree of medium. Bear in mind that all of these are just guidelines, and that the above rules and the right degree of doneness may vary from time to time. 

Now that you’ve finished all 4 courses of our Q&A, come over to one of the most unique restaurants in Malta and try out the real thing for yourself! 

Named after the village in Sicily that inspired its creation, Sciacca Grill offers a one-of-a-kind culinary experience found in few other restaurants in Malta. Our restaurants can be found in the beautiful capital city of Valletta or the lively town of St. Julian’s, with both establishments offering delicious, fresh food cooked to perfection! Make your reservation online today, and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook!

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