From our unique display to the expertise and care that goes into all of our food, we at Sciacca Grill aim to not only serve our guests delicious meals, but also to treat them to an experience that can compare to few other restaurants in Malta! We’ve sat down with one of our own to discuss what makes our eatery stand out from the rest.

1. Can you tell us more about the display at Sciacca? How does this contribute to a unique experience for those dining there?

Paper menus are so passé here at Sciacca Grill! The display is a unique feature of our restaurant, which holds a temperature control for meat, as well as a separate section with a temperature control for fish. Instead of ordering in the traditional à la carte manner like most other restaurants in Malta, customers are invited to view and choose from the food on display, while one of our staff gives a full briefing about what happens to be on offer that day.

2. Who are your suppliers?

Our meat is sourced from all over the globe; we import prime cuts from countries like Argentina, Australia, America, Japan, Ireland, Scotland and Uruguay. Our succulent milk-fed veal is sourced from Holland, while our Rubia Gallega beef (which is considered  the number one beef in the world) is imported from Spain. We have something to tickle everyone’s taste buds, with a wide variety of meat cuts, such as sirloin, fillets, T-bones, ribs on bone, Tomahawks, rib eyes, Picanha, lamb racks, veal cutlets, pork fillets and local pork cutlets. Guests also have the option of sharing certain cuts, especially since some portions are far too big to eat alone! Mixed courses (such as seafood for starters and meat for the main course) are not only possible – they’re encouraged! All display items are individually priced.

The fish display is composed of an assortment of local seafood, boasting a tasty selection of razor clams, prawns, calamari, mussels and clams, along with wild catch such as seabass, Scottish scallops, Gillardeau oysters, Scottish lobsters… is your stomach rumbling yet?

Everything is cooked in a charcoal and wood oven, taking care to adapt our methods to different types of meat or seafood. The only seasoning we use is a sprinkle of salt, in order to preserve the freshness of our food.

3. What are the main quality indicators of good meat?

Before purchasing our meat, we look for a number of factors that meet certain criteria, not only to have full product traceability, but also to ensure having the best possible produce. The first criterion is in knowing how the cow was raised, as quality starts from the way the animal was reared and what it was fed throughout its life. Secondly, we always check for certificates of assessments from farms or suppliers, especially when importing foreign products. Each individual country has its own grading system, and it is in our interest to buy meat of the highest possible grading.

Visually, fresh, quality meat should have a vivid and vibrant colour, as well as a certain level of leanness and marbling. Our team always samples new products to be able to describe the texture, juiciness and flavour in detail to our guests.

Feeling hungry? There’s more of where this came from at Sciacca Grill, one of the best restaurants in Malta!

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