No matter the type, size, or location – every restaurant has a basic layout that should cover certain general areas in a well-executed manner. Designing a restaurant’s layout is something that should be done with great thought and consideration.

A restaurateur should look at his restaurant as if it were his home. Likewise, his patrons should be considered as though they’re guests. After all, when we invite people over, we want to show the best of our home, we want to show them the best version of our place. Many a time, however, the basic areas are overlooked in the general design of a restaurant. Here at Sciacca Grill, we believe that paying attention to the small details of a restaurant will help produce a positive customer experience.

The Restaurant Entrance

While the dining room, bar and kitchen are important parts of a restaurant design, the outside and entry areas shouldn’t be forgotten. The entrance area to a restaurant should be just as important as the inside, because this is what forms a patron’s first impression, especially when it comes to gaining new customers. Using signs, music, lighting, and décor make for an attractive restaurant entrance. Choice of such components really depends on the restaurant’s theme.

The Waiting Area

Granted, not all restaurants designate an official waiting area, and that’s a-okay. At Sciacca, we like keeping things fun by incorporating it into the bar area which is luxuriously decked with an array of whiskys and spirits for you to feast your eyes and sip on while being inspired by our mouthwatering display of meat cuts.

The Kitchen

A kitchen’s layout is just as, if not even more important as the dining room. It’s at the centre of any restaurant, and while the majority of commercial kitchens are not in view of the public, we do things differently at Sciacca. Not only can you enjoy handpicking your favourite meat cut, but you can also see your meat being cooked as you wait for it.

The Restrooms

To see the sanitary standards of any restaurant, a good rule of thumb to abide by is to see the level of cleanliness in the establishment’s restroom. Design and ambience should carry through to restaurant restrooms. Such rooms should be checked at least once at the start of every shift (preferably more often if it’s particularly busy). Restaurant staff should be assigned the task of refilling paper products and taking out the waste.

Eating out should be considered from several different aspects to fully guarantee client satisfaction. After all, wining and dining should be looked at as an overall experience, and a restaurant’s layout plays into this aspect a great deal. So, if you’re interested in absorbing an amazing restaurant ambience while waiting for one of the best steaks in Malta to be cooked to perfection, book your table at Sciacca Grill Valletta today!

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