At Sciacca Grill we are proud to offer an expertly and carefully selected range of meats. Our steaks come from all corners of the globe and although our people are always available to help you choose your steak for the night, there is no harm in knowing the cuts and the different meats available every night. Here is the truth about some of humanity’s most favoured steak cuts.


The brisket forms part of the animal’s breast. Chefs usually cook it slowly at low temperatures, and with good reason too! If properly tenderized with a marinade and cooked just the right way, the meat will melt in your mouth! 


As the name suggests, this type of meat is found at the rib and backbone section. In actuality, there are 13 pairs of ribs present, but only ribs found in the back are used since the other half are found in the chunk section. Ribs are full of flavour and are a favourite of those who prefer a more tender cut of beef. Specific rib cuts include boneless ribeye roast, ribeye steaks and cowboy steaks.


The loin section is where the most expensive meat cuts come from. It is found directly behind the rib and since the muscle is rarely used, it is very tender. The loin is split into parts; shortloin and sirloin. The shortloin produces the favourite tenderloin and t-bone steaks. The sirloin area has more flavour than its counterpart but is also less tender. Cuts coming out of the area include the sirloin steak and top sirloin steak.


Chuck meat is found in the animal’s shoulder. Since the shoulder is used quite frequently, the meat is a rather rough cut. Having said that, it has a good amount of flavour and it can be cut in different ways giving multiple cut options. Meats such as ground chuck (hamburger), tender medallions, pot roast and country style ribs are derived from the chuck section.

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