We’re going to give you something to think about: if you were faced with the choice, which would you pick: great food and poor service, or mediocre food and immaculate service? A genuinely good restaurant constantly delivers both excellent food and service. Yet even the best places occasionally have slip ups. So, when it comes to the heart of it, does good service trump good food? Or should good food come before anything else? Sciacca Grill Valletta, has been on a quest to discover the answers to these provocative questions…

Why food matters

Needless to say, food isn’t the only reason we go to restaurants – we also go for the atmosphere, company, and because we simply want to have a break from trying our hand at whipping up a meal. That said, not even the best service in the world will make up for less-than-great food. Successful dining experiences are all about trust between the restaurant and the diner, and nothing strengthens such trust more than a well-cooked meal.

Why service matters

Some diners would argue that not even the best food in the world would make up for second-rate service. As already mentioned, a good dining experience is built on trust and it’s the server or host’s responsibility to initiate that trust since they’re the first point of contact a diner has. Equally, great service can be enough to make up for things that could potentially go wrong in the kitchen. Even if something seems like an unforgivable offense, if the problem is seen to immediately, the situation could easily be turned into a positive experience for the diner.

Which matters more?

Defining which component between food quality and service is more important isn’t really clear-cut. As with life in general, mistakes in restaurants are bound to happen; waiters might mix up orders and perhaps a dish will get cooked improperly. Everyone has a bad day. But in reality, it’s not so much about whether it’s worse to have an overcooked steak or an abrupt waitress. Perfection isn’t what makes a restaurant great – it’s being able to graciously arrange blunders as they happen.

In a nutshell…

A restaurateur’s sole purpose is to provide high quality food and drink service to guests. After all, as the name of the industry implies, the crux of Hospitality Services is to be hospitable to clients. A restaurant and its staff has an obligation to work professionally and interactively with the guest to guarantee customer satisfaction.

A meal experience is centralised in the way both the chef and the food server create and provide the entire meal experience as a whole. Skill and creativity, politeness, excellent interaction with guests, self-confidence, excellent personal and food hygiene practices, smart appearance and practical ability are all essential.

In its more elaborate form, a restaurant’s meal should be considered an art form, and the service can be likened to a form of theatre. Here at Sciacca Grill we not only take this belief to heart, but also put it into practice. While the fact is that there’s no specific recipe a restaurant can follow to make people happy, we sure do our utmost to achieve this. We believe that a winning formula for any eatery is great food, service and hospitality that leaves diners wanting more.

So if you’re looking to devour one of the best steaks in Malta, contact us to book a table!

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