There’s nothing better than enjoying a high-quality meal with a fine glass of wine. At Sciacca Grill, we know wine almost as well as we know incredible steak. We pride ourselves not only on our fine dining expertise but also on our dedication to wine. Our staff is informed about all things about our featured wine and meals.


If what you’re after is fruity, highly aromatic, full-bodied wine then treat yourself to Rosé. At Sciacca Grill, we recommend Rosa Dei Masi-a fresh and fruity, yet simultaneously complex and elegant wine made from Refosco grapes grown on the estate’s property or a local Medina Rosé Grenache-a pleasant, zesty rosé made solely from finest Malta grown red Grenache grapes celebrated for its flavours of black-pepper dusted strawberry fruit. As a pairing, we suggest that you go for pork-chops. The juicy flavour of the grilled pork and the fruity one of the rosé go hand-in-hand.


If what you’re after is a slightly bitter wine, then the Vernace di San Giminiano is your wine of choice. At Sciacca Grill, we highly recommend this particular wine with lobster. A contrast to die for is born as the bitter taste of the wine complements the sweetness of the lobster.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Fatty meats work great with red wines that have high tannin-a textural element that makes wine taste dry. Dry, bold red wines pair extremely well with a dry aged steak. We suggest Amarone della Valpolicella. This deep crimson-red wine has dominant fragrances of dried plums and balsamic traces and is quite dry on the palate and is soft and with bright acidity. The raisins formed are pressed and fermented to dryness, producing a powerful, boldly flavoured wine of 14 to 16 percent alcohol. The best Amarones are velvety and rich, with very slightly sweet and nutty flavours.


If you’re after something a bit bolder, we highly recommend the Magari. With its lush Merlot fruit and its spicy Cabernet character, Magari expresses the essence of Bolgheri, rich and well-rounded, with an elegant, silky finish. Since it’s a strong wine, we suggest pairing it with something grand, like a T-Bone steak or a rib eye on the bone.

We hope you’ve found this blog interesting and insightful. Remember, the above-mentioned wines are merely a handful from the extensive list served at Sciacca Grill. To view our full range, we encourage you to reserve a table in one of our restaurants, and treat yourself to a glass of wine paired with one of our staffs’ suggested main courses!

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