They’ve made us laugh out loud, shriek in terror or sigh in admiration. How many times have we all wished that we could actually meet and befriend our favourite fictional characters? We’re proud to boast an eclectic range of delicious meats (including fresh rib-eye steaks) and seafood at what we and many of our customers consider to be one of the best restaurants in Malta – here’s what we think these fictional greats would enjoy tucking into at our popular steakhouse.


1. Dracula

We’re aware that Dracula’s top choice of nourishment is, well, on the bloody side, so our chefs would recommend sinking his fangs into one of our juicy rib-eye steaks, served rare.


2. Sherlock Holmes

The greatest detective in literature rarely goes about his investigations without his trusty sidekick Dr. John Watson. It’s for this reason that we think a shared meal would suit the intrepid duo perfectly – such as our generously-sized Tomahawk rib-eye steak.


3. Hannibal

Ah, the famous Hannibal Lecter: definitely a people person, though perhaps not in the traditional sense. Granted, Dr. Lecter’s actual tastes are far too grisly for us at Sciacca to cater to… but we do think he’d be more than satisfied with our impressive display of meat. Like us, Hannibal doesn’t see the need for a traditional menu – he chooses his food based on sight and his own tastes and preferences, as we ourselves invite our guests to do.


4. James Bond

When your life revolves around saving Queen and Country on what seems like a daily basis, nothing but the best of what we have to offer would suit 007! From briskets, fresh rib-eye steaks and pork loins to a fine bottle of Chianti and perhaps a serving of sausages as a starter, we think Sciacca Grill is the best place for Bond to recharge his batteries.


Join us at Sciacca Grill – one of the best restaurants in Malta for meat lovers!

We put the “eat” in “meat”! Experience food like you’ve never experienced it before at the top meat house in St. Julian’s. Our staff not only offer professional service but are also extremely passionate about what they do – we aim to educate as well as satisfy your appetites. Look no further than Sciacca Grill for one of the very best restaurants in Malta! Make your online reservation here.

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