Do you drool at the sight of a perfectly-seared steak? Is your idea of heaven a succulent beef burger coated with lashings of ketchup and a generous side of fries or potato wedges? If you’re a carnivore on the hunt for your next meal, this blog’s definitely for you. Read on to find out what kind of meat eater you are, or see if you know anyone who fits the below profiles, put together by top steakhouse, Sciacca Grill.


1. The Fussy Perfectionist

You are to meat what Goldilocks was to porridge – it has to be just right. A well-done steak may just ruin your entire evening, as you share the common belief that anything cooked over a medium level of doneness is quite simply a catastrophe. Gristle is most certainly a big no-no, and, if things aren’t quite up to your very exacting standards at a friend’s house, you’d rather go vegetarian.


2. The “I’ll Eat Anything” Crowd

As the complete opposite of the Fussy Perfectionist, friends and family find you the easiest to cook for as you’ll literally eat anything – as long as it’s meat. Leftover chicken breast? Bangers and mash? A bucket of crispy nuggets? To you, they’re just as good as each other, though you’d never turn down an opportunity to visit your favourite steakhouse in town if anyone’s offering.


3. The Bear Grylls

Like your namesake, there are few things you’d say no to – a creed which applies to whatever goes on your plate! You’re the only one in your friends group who’s tried haggis – and enjoyed it (and you’re not even Scottish). Your butcher has become your best friend, as you’re always stopping by to get some meaty advice on new recipes. What’s more, you’re constantly trying to get everyone around you into the spirit, ordering the strangest thing on the menu in the largest size available so that everybody can share.


4. The Die-Hard

If a meal isn’t made up of at least 75% meat, than to you it’s food lying about being food. Trying to force-feed you veggies at lunchtime when you were little was a Herculean effort, as your own mother can well attest. Since then, few things have changed, with anything green on your plate enough to make you see red.


Calling all carnivores! Malta’s top steakhouse wants to meat you!

Here at Sciacca Grill we’ve made room for all meat eaters, from the fussiest to the more easy-going. We guarantee a mouthwatering food experience that’ll leave you wanting more, whether it’s grilled poultry, pork or beef! So come one, come all, to the best steakhouse in Malta! Contact us here to book a reservation or ask for more information.

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