It’s easy to be reeled in to the misconception that Sciacca is just another Steakhouse in Malta, after all, there are hordes of restaurants in virtually every town and village on the island, with Steakhouses being a very popular choice for many restaurants’ kitchen theme. So, you might be asking yourselves, why Sciacca and what sets our restaurant apart from all the rest? Well, we don’t have one or two, but SEVEN great reasons you should seriously consider coming to our restaurant…

1. Our secret Ingredient

Our meat is cooked on a grill using a special blend of our signature, high quality charcoal and wood. This unique mixture gives our meat that distinctive smokey and woody taste, which is what sets the flavour apart from steaks cooked in other local steakhouses.

2. Quality Cuts from all around the globe

Like any avid meat lover, we take our cuts very seriously. This is why all our meat is sourced by our very own team from Sciacca, originating from all across the globe.

3. Its not only about the end product…

Here at Sciacca, we don’t think the end product is the be-all and end -all of our menu, we vehemently believe that providing our clientele quality food goes far beyond that. That’s why we delve into the depth of the hows and whys of meat production. This means we interest ourselves in the way the cattle is raised, its diet and above all, the environment it is raised in.

4. Simplicity in its elevated form

Sciacca fervently believes in the age-old adage: ‘Less is More’. This is why the meat we prepare is cooked on the grill with no added ingredients except a little sea salt that is smoked in house. We let the meat we provide speak for itself in terms of texture and flavour.

5. Variety is the spice of life

Sciacca prides itself in importing an assortment of superior cuts of meat, from Australian Wagyu to Japanese Kobe and USDA, which are all the best quality, organic meat cuts. We have a variety of steaks from all around the world including Argentina, Scotland and New Zealand.

6. We do things differently

Unlike traditional restaurants, our visitors aren’t presented with a menu to select their meat. Instead, each patron is invited to view our decadent counter and peruse through all of the fresh meat on display, so they can choose which piece they would like, depending on marbling, thickness, weight and so on.

7. Fresh is always best

Because we take pride in the quality of our product from start to finish, we understand the importance of freshness. Needless to say, nothing in the restaurant is frozen because if it were so, the quality would undeniably be compromised. Therefore, it is for this reason we can guarantee that our meat is of supreme quality. But don’t take our word for it, come and see for yourselves…

Sciacca Grill is an inimitable Steak & Grill restaurant that surpasses its gastronomic calling. Within Sciacca’s borders, our patrons will experience the kind of tantalizing tastes that will elevate and intensify your senses. Christened after the Sicilian Village that enthused its conception, our restaurant is more than just a pretty name.

We’re sure to tap into every carnivore’s desires, whatever meat type or cut you prefer. So, without any further ado, we welcome you to a culinary experience like no other…

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