What exactly is Surf & Turf?

Surf & Turf is usually a restaurant term referring to an entrée that combines a portion of meat and seafood. While some people might not whole heartedly welcome the idea of mixing the two seemingly opposing dishes, one cannot deny how such a meal combination allows a diner to experience an explosion of tastes, textures and flavour! So in reality, what’s wrong with that, right?


The term appears to have originated along the Atlantic Coast of the United States. The “surf” in the title clearly refers to seafood, usually lobster or another crustacean. “Turf” is any type of grass-fed land animal, but usually refers specifically to beef in the form of steak. The meat on a Surf & Turf plate is typically grilled and served with a rich sauce. As for the seafood, it can be boiled, grilled, fried, or baked, depending on the preference and choice of seafood.

Why Surf & Turf?

In seafood restaurants, the dish is often offered to appease meat eaters. People who love their dose of a chunky piece of red meat to seafood often appreciate having this option, because they feel like their dining needs will be met. Steakhouses, on the other hand, offer the dish as a gourmet supplement for diners who don’t think they’ll be satisfied with steak alone. Lobster or shrimp and steak are the two most common combinations, although other variations do sometimes appear on menus.

From light & fluffy textures to rich & decadent flavours

The entrée seafood choices range from simple flavours to more deep and rich flavours. Here at Sciacca, we want our clientele to taste the freshness of both sea and land whilst enjoying it. Our seafood selection is clean and simplistic with just a touch of the chef’s flare.

We make sure to use freshly caught seafood on a daily basis, where each fish is caught sustainably. Apart from taking pride in choosing the freshest possible ingredients, we ensure to responsibly source them.

Should I go for seafood or fish? This is a question we’ve all asked ourselves at some point, when dining out. Well, if you can’t decide between seafood or steak, how about choosing both! Think about it: it’s a pretty ingenious meal to have when you want to enjoy the best of both culinary worlds.

And because of the additional labour required to cook two completely different meals, why not allow our expert team of chefs at Sciacca to do all the work, while you sit and relax in great company? Add some surf to your turf in your life and book your table to eat some of the best steak and seafood dishes in Malta!

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